The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday


  • Budding blog emperor Lockhart Steele (best name in the biz) has started a site for “shopping, stores and the retail scene of New York City.” And it’s pretty cool so far–especially the sexy Bowery Whole Foods “shelf porn”. [Racked]
  • Ohio real estate has completely and magnificently crushed Manhattan real estate (at least in one instance): LeBron James’ new 35,440-square-foot palace will have “a recording studio, a two-lane bowling alley, a casino, a 26-by 63-foot theater, a sports bar, an aquarium and a barbershop.” Take that, Fifth Avenue. [Beacon Journal, via Luxist]
  • Sadly, the LA-based studio Ball-Nogues has won MoMa/PS1 ‘s 2007 Young Architects Competition. [The victorious installation “Liquid Sky” is above.] [Architectural Record News]
  • The 100-mile voyage from NYC to the pre-Revolution village Kent, Conn., is apparently one of the Great American Drives. Why? It has to do with permeating “self-reliant Yankee spirit.” [Travel + Leisure]

    Max Abelson

  • The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday