Top Ten List: Things Lou Greenwald may or may not say when Chris Christie testifies before the Assembly Budget Commitee

10. I direct the Sergeant-At-Arms to compel the attendance of the United States Attorney?

9. Hey, Mr. Christie, would you like a Commerce Bank golf shirt?

8. My new suit has a special lining where I could hide a transmitter.

7. Is this the only gubernatorial debate I’ll ever be in?

6. No, sir, I don’t recall what Paul Byrne said about pissing off the U.S. Attorney.

5. There is no doubt that Joe Cryan could kick my ass.

4. Yes, I know I have great hair, but do you think I am prettier than Paul Sarlo?

3. Remington & Venick? Never heard of it!

2. I am also here today because shamefully I engaged in a negative campaign against Lee Solomon. It was wrong. It was foolish. It was inexcusable. And for this I ask the forgiveness and the grace of my U.S. Attorney.

1. Thanks for testifying before my panel. I’m glad to reciprocate your kind invitation.