Who is Fighting for That Clinton Law

A lawyer suing the government for not issuing a certain kind of visa called out Hillary Clinton and others for not speaking out about the issue, which stems from a law signed by President Clinton.

“I’m not aware of any federal official fighting for this issue,” attorney Julie Dinnerstein of the Sanctuary for Families at a City Hall press conference flanked by two City Council members and the Manhattan Borough President.

President Clinton signed the law creating the U Visa in 2000 to help immigrant victims of domestic violence work with police without fear of immediate deportation. But since the bill was signed, the federal government has not issued a single one, according to Dinnerstein.

Just to double check, I asked Dinnerstein after the press conference if Senator Clinton was supporting the lawsuit to protect the law her husband signed.

“I’m not aware of any federal official championing this issue,” she told me. “I’m very hopeful she’ll turn her attention to this.” Dinnerstein said she understands Senator Clinton is busy these days, “but we look forward to her leadership on this issue.”

I emailed her legislative spokesman and am waiting to hear back.

— Azi Paybarah

Who is Fighting for That Clinton Law