A $20 Million Fight Over a Nickel

In case anybody needed a reminder how lucrative Albany gridlock can be…

The question of whether to include 5 cent deposit charge on certain drinks in New York has been a $20 million fight, according to lobbying records analyzed by Common Cause. Supporters spent $6,888,265 to get the bill passed.
Opponents spent $6,306,459 to stop it.

More quick numbers, from the group’s public statement:

$2,705,678.47 was given in campaign contributions by the bottling industry, beverage distributors, food retailers and others that oppose the new bill

$1,388,272.26 was given in campaign contributions by organizations supporting the expanded law, often called the “Bigger, Better Bottle Bill.” Over 94% of these contributions came from one entity—the Public Employees Federation.

The full report is here [pdf].