Atlantic Yards Dissidents Dissent!

Jasper Goldman, a planner at the BrooklynSpeaks-affiliated Municipal Art Society told The Real Estate that each of the coalition’s 12 members makes its own decisions on lawsuits, but that, in general, the coalition favored other approaches. (One member, the Boerum Hill Association, did, in fact, join DDDB’s recent complaint on the environmental impact statement.) “Our goal was to change the project substantially and not necessarily just to stop it,” Mr. Goldman said. “There is some grounds for optimism given the fact that there is a new Governor who has taken a different approach.” Daniel Goldstein, spokesman for the more litigious Develop Don’t Destroy group, wouldn’t comment on the comments, aside from saying he did not know who posted them. But he pointed out that the DDDB e-newsletter had actually encouraged supporters to attend the BrooklynSpeaks rally, which was held Sunday. (Readers were also asked to wear their DDDB T-shirts while doing so.) “We feel that there has been no forum for legitimate political and community input in this process,” he said, “and when that happens, and we feel laws have been broken, then the courts are an appropriate place to address it.” So who is winning? The BrooklynSpeaks rally drew more than 200 people, including City Councilman David Yassky, who has taken a, well, nuanced view of Atlantic Yards, and his colleague Bill DeBlasio, who two short years ago wrote a letter to the MTA praising the project. Develop Don’t Destroy, meanwhile, temporarily cancelled its own rally, scheduled for this morning. At a court hearing on Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Goldstein said, Forest City agreed to postpone the demolitions at least until Friday, when a judge is supposed to rule on a motion to prohibit the demolitions all together. Asked about delaying the demolitions, Forest City spokesman Joe DePlasco e-mailed to say, “The judge asked both sides to not to discuss the case so we will not be discussing the case.” – Matthew Schuerman