Bloomberg Gets Another Nod of Approval from Transport Wonk

Two reasons transportation wonks are pleased at the moment with the mayor:

Congestion pricing and Janette Sadik-Khan.

Sadik-Khan is the city’s newly announced transportation commissioner, and, apparently, people like straphanger champion Gene Russianoff really, really like her.

“By appointing Janette Sadik-Khan as city transportation commissioner, Mayor Bloomberg signals his willingness to try new solutions to tame city traffic for drivers, pedestrians, bikers and all New Yorkers,” Russianoff said in a public statement just now.

Sadik-Khan’s appointment was announced by Mayor Bloomberg and Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff at City Hall earlier today.

Sadik-Khan worked at the DOT during the Dinkins administration, went to the federal department of transportation and, most recently, was a senior vice president at arsons Brinckerhoff, an international engineering firm. At the press conference, she said that when she “first joined government, I didn’t even have a beeper.”

Her arrival in City Hall comes just as her new boss, Mayor Bloomberg, is trying to implement a comprehensive transportation plan to reduce vehicular traffic and boost mass transit ridership. Bloomberg wants to charge drivers $8 ($21 for trucks) that drive into Manhattan — congestion pricing– and to finance transport upgrades by creating two public authorities.

After a few reporters asked about congestion pricing during the press conference, Bloomberg stepped in to answer, saying, “If we don’t do this now, we’re going to have to do this some day anyways.”