Campaigning Against Campaigns

Independent congressional candidate Bill Corrigan of Long Island wants to boost his name recognition in his bid against Republican Rep. Peter King.

Which will be kind of hard, since, according to Corrigan’s blog, “We are not taking donations – as removing influence is of paramount importance to the voting system model.”

So, without money, how do you run a campaign? Corrigan has the answer. Here are some pointers he posted today for people helping him out:

Remember the following:

1. Be polite, be courteous. Dress in the neat but casual “Captain Bill Flyer” style. Wear your button on your left side so when you shake hands people will see it.

2. If you’re at a railroad or bus station remember that people are on their way somewhere important so don’t get in their way. If they are standing and waiting then it’s okay to approach them.

3. Remember the ‘rule of threes’ over the next few days. Do NOT tell the same person the same information more than three times over the next week.

4. Remember that each flyer has it’s own unique identifying code and that you are connected to those codes. The campaigner who has the most people log into the voting system using their codes wins “the big shark”.

5. The locations you are to be present at have been selected based on your specific demographic strengths. Your individual cultural backgrounds are of paramount importance when speaking with the constituency. Be proud and represent!

6. DO NOT speak of any other potential candidates or the incumbent in an ill manner. You may compare our system versus the framework of the one that a party member has to (remember the WHIP speech). But do not say ANYTHING about any other potential candidate even if you are baited to. Just say you wish not to comment.

— Azi Paybarah

Campaigning Against Campaigns