Catsimatidis on a Bloomberg 2008 Scenario

According to prospective mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis, running for mayor as a Democrat-turned-Republican (like Mike Bloomberg did) works, but running for President as an independent (like Mike Bloomberg may) probably doesn’t.

“On a national basis, if Mr. Bloomberg wants to run, the one thing he has to overcome that I don’t have to overcome — lets say he has to spend three, four, five hundred million dollars on his own, he’s capable of spending. And lets say he gets good name recognition, and people actually like him and people vote for him, and lets say he splits up the vote three ways, 33, 33, 33. If [Ross] Perot got 19 [percent], I’m sure Mike Bloomberg is capable of getting 33.

“But if nobody gets 270 electoral electoral votes, and it goes to the House of Representatives, there’s no independents in the House of Representatives. How do you become president?”

— Azi Paybarah