Dem: At Least Hillary's Not Pulling Away

Okay, this is certainly spin of the most optimistic sort.

But a source in the campaign of one cash-strapped Democratic candidate stuck in the single digits made the argument to me that a recent poll showing Rudy Giuliani beating Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is very good news for Democrats in the second tier.

“With Hillary in particular, she has 100 percent name I.D.,” said the source. “This isn’t that people don’t know her.”

The spin is that after Democrats come to terms with their frontrunners being unelectable, they would take another look at the candidates in the back of the pack.

The source also saw hope in Hillary’s inability to pull away from Obama in fund-raising, because without a preordained nominee, there was still the chance of the two damaging one another enough to keep the rest of the field in play.

“Everyone thought she was going to end this thing in the first quarter and that didn’t happen. To the extent that Obama can keep this competitive and from being a Hillary blowout, it’s good for everyone in the field.”

–Jason Horowitz

Dem: At Least Hillary's Not Pulling Away