Donald Trump at the [em]L.A. Times[/em]

Should the L.A. Times be loaning out their offices to Donald Trump and his would-be Apprentices, in order to create a Sunday promotional supplement?

Obviously, last night’s Apprentice was taped long before Grazergate. But still, with the commotion over the Times selling out to celebrities for promotional purposes, it was an unhappy coincidence.

Thankfully, publisher David Hiller didn’t meet with Donald. Instead, he was greeted by executives from SmartMouth, the company that the two teams would be working for.

For anyone interested: Team Kinetic created the more eye-catching supplement, won the task, and got to see their work in the Sunday Times. They did not guest edit the op-ed pages.

Michael Calderone

Donald Trump at the [em]L.A. Times[/em]