Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Giuliani, Bruno


Terry McAuliffe explains what ‘in it to win it’ has meant for fund-raising. There’s more campaign cash going around this cycle than previous ones probably because of rising economic inequality, not the Internet, says Ben. Mitt Romney raised more money that Rudy Giuliani Gail Robinson thinks “one clear loser” in the state budget this year was “open government.” Joe Bruno is gloating about how he fared. John Catsimatidis is registering as a Republican Howard Weitzman is raising money for something. Andrew Cuomo settled cases against Citibank and school lenders. Plans to build a new United Nations building on a playground has at least one critic. Conspiracy alert: The guy who convinced Rudy Giuliani to dress in drag – and may have introduced the former mayor to his current wife – is now helping John McCain. Giuliani leads 2008 contenders in Florida. And pictured above is a scene from the Assembly chambers shortly after the budget deadline on Saturday night. — Azi Paybarah