Elsewhere: Hillary, Quinn, Foster


There aren’t enough reporters covering the presidential candidates, according to Ben.

But there are a lot of 2008 campaign flacks.

Barack Obama just hired a pollster who worked, at various times, for Bill Clinton and David Yassky.

Rudy Giuliani watched yesterday’s Yankee game with noted pollster Frank Luntz.

Christine Quinn is the 16th most powerful gay American, according to this list

What would happen if you based your NCAA basketball predictions on teams from states with strong campaign finance laws? Bethany Foster of The Brennan Center found out.

The LGBT community made out pretty well in the state budget, according to The Agenda.

Sewell Chan is all over a story about Starbucks, unions and body piercing.

George Pataki spoke with Montell Williams and said it’s “completely wrong” to set a date-specific deadline for withdrawing troops from Iraq.

Jon Corzine didn’t deliver to Hillary the kind of massive endorsement that Jim McGreevery delivered to Howard Dean.

Liz Sabater has video footage of Bill Richardson when he was in New York recently, and explains that she missed other events because she was partying with Nancy Pelosi.

Federal money is available to boost the economy in Appalachian parts of New York.

A Pissed Off Teacher makes note of a law firm specializing in teachers in trouble.

And pictured above are Bill Thompson and Adolfo Carrion sort of shaking hands at an event yesterday.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Hillary, Quinn, Foster