Elsewhere: Quinn, Green, Engel


Mark Green, guest blogging on Huffington Post, said, “Rudy Giuliani is not the first politician to exaggerate and play to the cheap seats.”

Scott Sala responds.

Republicans may look weak right now compared to the Democrats, but they may be stronger in the general election, according to Ben.

Representative Jerry Nadler and others will discuss Iraq at an event tonight at Columbia University.

Representative Eliot Engel criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her trip to Syria.

Tom Elliott thinks monogamy is a better way to stop STDs than circumcision.

Mathieu Eugene may win his City Council race in Brooklyn by knocking all his opponents off the ballot.

Errol Louis and Erik Engquist discuss the race here.

DMI has more about their forum on New York’s shrinking middle class.

State Senator Andrea-Stewart Cousins weighed in on the school funding and blamed Albany’s secret negotiations for Westchester’s shrinking share.

A former spokesperson for Ross Perot is running for office in NJ.

Ever wonder who is trying to get reporters to cover Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee and Tommy Thompson?

Karol is looking for guest bloggers. [link fixed]

And pictured above is City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, whose budget proposal is here.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Quinn, Green, Engel