For the Record

To the Editor:

In his review of King Lear [“Eustis, Lapine, Kline Bonk Heads Against Great Lear,” March 19], I assume John Heilpern is making a joke when he attributes “Gimme a break” to Sophocles. He is, however, making a mistake when he says that “Mr. Lapine … takes a verse of the Clown’s farewell song that closes Twelfth Night and transfers it to King Lear …. ” It was the playwright, William Shakespeare, who did that. In my 1959 Arden edition of King Lear, the footnote to line 74 in Act III, Scene ii reads: “An adaptation of Feste’s song, T.N. v.i. 398, and probably sung by the same actor.”

Joseph Kissane

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