Fulani vs. Carter, NY1

Lenora Fulani doesn’t think much of NY1 host Dominic Carter.

At a panel discussion about race and media in midtown, Fulani, who was in the audience, told Carter, who was a panelist, that his network treated her like “a nappy headed ho.”

“My employers are emailing your network and I liked you a lot more when you were with WBLS, LIB and [with] us in the streets because what you and your network now do, have done to me as a black woman is to relate to me as a nappy headed ho.”

Fulani last appeared on NY1 in 2005 when she failed to disavow statements critics have called anti-Semitic.

After the panel, Fulani told me she was referring to how she thought the station treated all black women, not just her.

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