Giuliani's Numbers

Rudy Giuliani’s first quarter fund-raising numbers are in at more than $15 million. While that is a good deal less than Hillary’s $26 million, Giuliani raised the bulk of his total, about $10 million, in March. Giuliani supporters have been telling me for days that while he got a late start, his March receipts would be encouraging, and that they foreshadow huge contributions in the second quarter.

The Giuliani campaign’s statement is after the jump.

–Jason Horowitz

Giuliani Reports Over $15 Million in Receipts for First Quarter, Raises More Than $10 Million in Primary Funds During March Alone

New York City – The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Exploratory Committee today reported more than $15 million in receipts for the primary during the first quarter. The Committee raised nearly $14 million in primary election funds with over $11 million cash on hand, the vast majority of which is primary money. More than $10 million in primary funds was raised in March alone, highlighting a very healthy fundraising pace. Including the money raised at the one event in December, the Committee has close to $17 million in primary receipts.

Giuliani Campaign Manager Mike DuHaime said, “We are thrilled by the response to Mayor Giuliani’s optimistic vision, experienced leadership and proven record of results. Considering our late start, we are very pleased by the pace raised in March and see it as a positive indication of what’s to come.”

Giuliani's Numbers