Knitting Factory: We Might Buy the Building

Music club the Knitting Factor emailed The Real Estate on Tuesday evening and stated unequivocally that it would keep on rockin’ in New York City, regardless of what happens to the building it’s inside. That Tribeca building, 74 Leonard Street, recently went on the sales market.

The Knitting Factory, through its president and C.E.O., said it might actually buy 74 Leonard, where it’s been paying below-market rents for 11,000 square feet.

Jared Hoffman, President and CEO of Knitting Factory Entertainment said today, “The Knitting Factory is exploring all of its options, including the potential acquisition of the 74 Leonard Street property. In any event, the Knitting Factory has always been a resilient and tenacious cultural icon. We opened twenty years ago on E. Houston and have spent the last 13 years on Leonard – no matter what building we’re in, people should know that the Knitting Factory will continue to showcase the hottest up-and-coming bands for our audiences in New York City.”

– Tom Acitelli