Pulitzer Finalist* Graham Rayman to Horn In on Village Voice Investigative Tradition

The Village Voice has added another staff writer to its roster: Graham Rayman, formerly of Newsday, starts May 14.

An email from TonyO (that’s how he tags himself in the subject line!) announced the decision to staff today.

Rayman’s done a lot of investigative work “covering New York City’s courts, politicians, crimes, and disasters.”

Besides naming him a “staff writer” and saying he’ll be “a tremendous asset to the Voice’s long-standing investigative news tradition,” it’s not clear from the email what he’ll be covering.

And we wonder how tremendous an asset Wayne Barrett will find him to be.

* The original headline for this post read “Pulitzer Winner.” As the editor-ahem! same person as the writer!-should have been able to see plainly from the email pasted below, Rayman was part of a Newsday team that was a finalist for the award. Apologies.

The full text of the email to editorial staff follows:

From: Ortega, Tony
To: Editorial
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 11:42 AM
Subject: Announcement from TonyO


I am extremely pleased to announce that award-winning investigative reporter Graham Rayman will join the Voice as a staff writer on May 14.

For the last eleven years, Graham has been a reporter and editor at Newsday covering New York City’s courts, politicians, crimes, and disasters. A talented and respected city reporter, Graham also has foreign chops, reporting from Iraq as Newsday’s war correspondent there.

The winner of three New York State Asssociated Press Awards for his 2004 work on the Staten Island Ferry crash and the Republican Convention, Graham has also won awards from the New York Press Club, ASNE, and the New York Newspaper Association for, among others, his coverage of JFK Jr.’s plane crash and a series on the human trafficking industry.

Graham was a member of Newsday’s 1997 and 2004 Pulitzer Prize finalist teams for coverage of Flight 800 and the New York blackout. He was born in Ankara, Turkey and has lived in Nigeria, Honduras and England.

Needless to say, Graham will be a tremendous asset to the Voice’s long-standing investigative news tradition. Many of you already know Graham or his work; please join me in welcoming him in person on May 14.


Tony O.