Quinn on Pedicabs, Influence, Congestion Pricing

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn thinks the idea that the taxicab industry had any “undue influence” over the Council on a bill to regulate the pedicab industry is “ridiculous.”

As noted earlier, the taxi industry hired Bolton St. Johns, where Emily Giske, a major Democratic operative, is employed. She, it should be noted, did not work with the taxicab industry as her client. [clarified].

Quinn addressed the issue in a briefing just now after announcing that the Council would override the mayor’s veto of the bill, which seeks to limit the number of pedicab drivers to 350. The Council will also vote to override the mayor’s veto of a bill banning the use of metal baseball bats in city schools.

As for congestion pricing, Quinn said the Council is looking into the issue.

For the record, David Weprin opposes congestion pricing, as does Lew Fidler, who said that it’s not bold enough on air quality and ineffective on reducing traffic. Peter Vallone, Jr is concerned, but still undecided.