School Shooter Sent Tapes to NBC in Mid-Massacre

Earlier this afternoon, reporters at NBC News announced that their news organization had received a package of information sent to them by the 23-year-old Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui, which included photographs, a video, and “a disturbing, rambling multi-page” diatribe written by the deceased.
According to a story posted on the NBC web site, they believe that Mr. Seung-Hui sent the information sometime during the two-hour period between shooting two students in a school dormitory and later killing 30 more at a classroom on the other side of campus on Monday morning.
That fact, NBC News said, may help explain what Mr. Seung-Hui was doing between the first and second set of shootings.
The network has turned over the information to the FBI while acknowledging that they have now become a part of the investigation.