S.I. Newhouse's Letter to Joanne Lipman: City of Gold Edition

On Friday, as the first bound copy of Portfolio arrived at 4 Times Square, S.I. Newhouse sent Joanne Lipman the following email.

I’ve now read most of Portfolio and, of course, studied the look of it and the concept of it many times. I really wonder whether you realize what you and your associates have achieved in the relatively short time that you’ve worked on it: well, this first issue of Portfolio is a real wonder… original, focused, fascinating and everything that we imagined it might be at our first lunch (now so well-documented). I’m absolutely delighted And proud of your City of Gold inauguration of Portfolio. What A way to start!

Not surprisingly, Lipman sent the big man’s words of praise around to exhausted staffers last week. And a second S.I. love letter was read by Lipman at last night’s staff party, the latter describing how the magazine was selling out fast, according to a Portfolio source.

Michael Calderone