The Afternoon Wrap: Monday


  • The boringly-named U.S. General Services Administration gives out annual prizes for public projects, and this year there was only one winner in New York among the 18 prizes. Jacob K. Javits Federal Building Entry Pavilion, rejoice! Also: We need cooler public architecture. [Arch. Record News]
  • At long last, Williamsburg finally becomes cool, getting a new “Asian-fusion” restaurant (appropriately named Scene). Tellingly, it’s close to American Apparel. [Brooklyn Record]
  • Bad-haired Bon Jovi is a good guy. He’s helping finish renovations on “an energy-efficient, three-story condo complex on Halsey Street” in Bedford-Stuy, where apartments will be rented to low-income locals. Viva Brooklyn-based 80’s hair metal philanthropy. [Page Six]
  • Co-ops are so cruel these days, and doormen are so victimized: No more dog food treats; no more food-delivery work; no more watching rich people’s babies! [NY Mag, D.I.]

    Max Abelson

  • The Afternoon Wrap: Monday