The Afternoon Wrap: Monday

It was only a matter of time before a tentacle of the Trader Joe’s organic supermarket chain found its way into Brooklyn soil—or, more specifically, the luxe Brooklyn Bridge Park development. Of course, the crunchy Cali grocers’ presence “would have quite an impact on neighboring merchants” and could potentially even require, steady yourselves now, “a huge parking lot.” [Racked via Curbed]

For most of us, “getting screwed” by a broker is merely a figure of speech. [Gawker]

Hooray! The bells in the MetLife Tower, on the edge of Madison Square Park, will start ringing again after a six-year hiatus. Here’s hoping all that clanging will drown out some of the incessant complaining seeping out of the endless Shake Shack line every afternoon. [Real Deal]

Like those supposedly melting ice caps near Santa’s house, talk of a real-estate recession in New York might be little more than the stuff of frantic alarmists without a clue. A very curious trend started to emerge after the market hit its peak in 2005: “the Fed has continued to play the roll of inflation hawk.” Very fishy, indeed. [Matrix]