Westchester on the 'Altar of Expediency'

Some of Eliot Spitzer’s budget decisions are not going down so well in Westchester.

Here’s part of a dramatically worded letter sent today by Democratic Assembly members from Westchester to Paul Francis, the governor’s budget director, about the new school funding formula:

“We racked our brains to find a single example of the use of the education formula to harm an individual municipality. We often find ways to single out a community for help. Never before, never before has a community been singled out for harm. It is a terrible precedent that once unleashed, can be turned against a community that has fallen from political favor, or which is sacrificed on the alter of expediency, even if that expediency is a timely budget, as you suggest in your letter.”

The entire letter is here.

— Azi Paybarah

Westchester on the 'Altar of Expediency'