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Saturday Night Live needs an Obama.

The New York Times isn’t going to galas anymore.

Jason Horowitz gets an earful from the unleashed id of the current Democratic candidates, Bob Kerrey.

“When he turned and said to Bernie Kerik, ‘Thank God George Bush is President,’” said Mr. Kerrey, echoing one of Mr. Giuliani’s favorite (but now retired) 9/11 anecdotes. “What he should have said was, ‘Why the fuck didn’t George Bush call us and tell us this was going to happen?’ That was a more appropriate response.”

Matt Schuerman notes that congestion pricing is something Mike Bloomberg and George Bush both like, sort of.

Steve Kornacki explains why Giuliani has defied the dire predictions so far: his opponents stink.

And Spencer Morgan crashes a party of socialite philanthropists. Said gallery director Periel Ashenbrand: “I thought we should do women’s underwear that said ‘FEED’ across the front.”

Also in the Observer…