Bloomberg: 'Smartest Idea'

Con Ed’s plan of using livery cab drivers to watch over stray-voltage areas before repair crews get a chance to fix the problems is “one of the smartest things I ever heard,” Mayor Bloomberg told reporters.

“You know, when  I read it, I said this makes an awful lot of sense,” Bloomberg said when asked about it a press conference in City Hall about new building codes. “I thought it was one of the smartest things I ever heard. They got a problem. They want to protect the public. They cant grab somebody away form another job, where they try to do what’s right; they’ve accomplished everything. And the don’t need to have an extra fleet of trucks or people. You just call a cab, have them sit there, that keeps anybody from stepping on it. And the public is protected. Whoever came up with the idea is really thinking outside the box; deserves a lot of credit.”