Bronx Boss Invites Clinton, Obama and Edwards to Pitch Latino Officials

Today, Bronx Democratic leader Jose Rivera — one of the notable remaining Hillary ’08 holdouts in New York — sent a letter to Clinton and her two main rivals, Barack Obama and John Edwards, inviting them to a candidate forum on June 8 event in the borough.

“As you well know, the ever increasing and energized Puerto Rican and Latino population is ready and prepared to be a partner with the Democratic Party on the road back to the White House. However, to do this the Puerto Rican and Latino electorate must be informed of the policies set forth by the Democratic Party and its candidates,” Rivera wrote in the letter, a copy of which was provided to the Observer.

The June 8 event is a meeting of the “Central and North-East Puerto Rican and Latino leadership” which will be held at Hostos Community College, and which will include officials from Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Florida, Connecticut and Massachusetts, Rivera said.

“This will be an opportunity to help the Central and North-East Puerto Rican and Latino leadership galvanize around one candidate,” he wrote.