Clancy Brother’s Son Buys Un-Folkie East Side Duplex–Or Maybe He Doesn’t

There are several perks to being the son of a famous Irish folk singer. For example: Donal Clancy, the son of Clancy Brothers’ tenor Liam, has bought a $3.02 million duplex high up at 870 United Nations Plaza.    
According to deeds filed this afternoon in city records, the seller is photographer and sociologist Flavia Robinson.    

The younger Mr. Clancy is a musician like his dad, but one hopes he also has a taste for Manhattan renovation. “Well, it needed a lot of work,” listing broker Dean Heitler at Prudential Douglas Elliman said. “It’s a fabulous apartment, but it just needed updating-- the bathrooms, the kitchen... all through the apartment.”

According to his listing, the duplex boasts “wall-to-wall windows,” five bedrooms, a formal dining room, and, best of all, a private elevator for traveling between the floors.

Was there anything arty about the place that would attract a photographer and then a singer? “I wouldn’t call it an artful apartment,” Mr. Heitler said. “It’s a wonderful building, it’s a white-glove building.”

Sometimes folkies wear $3 million white gloves too.

UPDATE: Two days after this story was published, Mr. Clancy and his wife called to say that they hadn't bought this apartment. (There must be several Donal Clancys out there.)

The Observer sincerely regrets the error.