Congestion Pricing Popular in Manhattan, Not Outer Boroughs

Although congestion is seen as a major problem in the city, the proposed congestion pricing plan isn’t winning major support outside Manhattan, according to a Quinnipiac poll released today.

Overall, New York City voters are split on the issue, 45 to 46 percent.

Manhattan residents support the plan by a margin of 62 to 29 percent. But in the outer boroughs, according to the poll, the plan is heavily opposed.

67 – 26 percent in The Bronx;
63 – 29 percent in Brooklyn;
61 – 32 percent in Queens;
69 – 26 percent in Staten Island. 

UPDATE: Lobbyist Walter McCaffrey of “Keep New York Congestion Tax Free” responds to the poll, , saying, “While it’s very interesting to know that Park Avenue has managed to convince Fifth Avenue to support congestion pricing, the fact remains that the people of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx overwhelming believe it is an unfair tax to those who live outside Manhattan.”