Did Page Six Kill ‘Numerous’ Items on the Clintons?

Along the way, Mr. Clinton stopped by the Page Sixer’s pod and hammed it up with the staffers, a group that included Richard Johnson, Chris Wilson, Jared Paul Stern and Paula Froehlich, according to two sources who witnessed the visit.

Nearby, a photograph of Monica Lewinsky from a framed cover of the New York Post hung on the wall. Mr. Clinton ignored it. As he was leaving, Richard Johnson tried to hand the President a lad magazine with a scantily clad starlet on the cover as a parting gift. The President declined. Instead, he left with a copy of The Week.

These and other stories about the unlikely friendship between the Clintons and the Post—like the one about Mr. Johnson’s passport—started to interest Mr. Stern’s lawyer, Larry Klayman. And this newest entry in the literature began when Mr. Spiegelman was contacted by Mr. Stern’s lawyer, Larry Klayman, on May 8.

“He asked if I noticed anything with the Clintons,” said Mr. Spiegelman.

Mr. Klayman’s focus on the Clintons isn’t surprising given his work with Judicial Watch, the conservative watchdog group that became famous when it filed 18 lawsuits against the Clinton administration during the 1990’s.

After Mr. Spiegelman’s hour-long phone interview with Mr. Klayman, he was sent a copy of the affidavit, written by the lawyer. Two days later, Mr. Spiegelman spoke to Mr. Stern about it and faxed in his corrections.

“I was fine with the thing with the Clintons being vague,” said Mr. Spiegelman. “If there is a lawsuit, it better have more than just me. I wouldn’t even show up.”

Did Page Six Kill ‘Numerous’ Items on the Clintons?