Dolphins, and elephants, and polar bears — oh my!

In keeping with our shameless obsession with commercials produced and aired overseas, we’re crazy about this one from Ford of Europe. There’s not a car in sight throughout the minute-long ad. It begins with a CG rendition of the fertilization process, then we see various wombs — none human. Inside them are wee (supercute!) animals suspended in utero: an elephant, a dolphin, and twin polar bears. The images are accompanied by dreamy, fairy tale–like chimes.

The For the Next Generation campaign — devised by the fertile minds at Ogilvy Stockholm — was launched to market Ford’s new ethanol-powered vehicles. It took a London-based digital-animation company five weeks to create the twin bears; state-of-the-art model-making techniques begat the elephant and the dolphin. Now, if only the U.S. could improve both its gas-mileage standards and its automobile commercials.

WATCH For the Next Generation

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