, With Yvette Clarke, Sanford Rubenstein, Jean-Claude Van Damme

eugene yvette una222, With Yvette Clarke, Sanford Rubenstein, Jean Claude Van DammeI missed this, but shortly after Mathieu Eugene's tortuous ascent to the City Council, he went up with a website to promote a re-election campaign that will be his third run for the same office in the space of a year.

The picture here of Eugene with Rep. Yvette Clarke and her mother, Una, is from, which was created on May 3rd. That's just a few days after, as his biography puts it, he "made history when he won two special elections to become the first Haitian-born elected official in the state of New York."

The biography also says, "Dr Mathieu Eugene, a physician, graduated from Medical School in Mexico (He does not practice in the U.S.). While he was studying in Belgium, he met the martial art movie superstar Jean-Claude Van Dam and they have remained friends ever since."

Other features on the website include information about the district; video of Eugene's swearing in at City Hall; the soon-to-be created section on "issues;" an invitation for his May 27 community swearing-in ceremony; and details on a June 4 fund-raiser at the home of attorney Sanford Rubenstein.