The website for Eliot Spitzer federal PAC, The Excelsior Committee, is up.

On the site, it says the PAC is "dedicated to supporting reform-minded and forward-thinking candidates for public office in New York and across the United States. The candidates we support are distinguished by their breadth of vision, innovative ideas, and commitment to a lean and responsive government."

There's also an explanation about the committee's name.

"'Excelsior,' the official New York State motto, is the Latin word for 'higher.' This name signals a commitment to our higher aspirations-as New Yorkers and as Americans-to innovation and renewal, to a strengthened sense of community and public life, and to greater opportunity and prosperity.”

You can make financial contributions to the committee, or sign-up to get involved in other ways because, the site says, "Together, we can help restore the hope and promise of American democracy."


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