Friday, May 4th

ITSTY-BITSY … SPIDEY’S BACK! And all over the city, people will be Fandango-ing their way to Spider-Man 3’s C.G.I. glory (not to mention Kirsten Dunst’s padded rack—holy moly, Mrs. Roosevelt, bet ya’d love to get yer oven mitts on those knockers!) … but what about the whales? At the Gitana Rosa Gallery in Williamsburg, it’s “Cocktails and Whales” (as Molly Bloom said, “Yes I will yes”) as a way to raise awareness about the big, blubbery elephants of the sea. There will be a screening of What to Do About Whales?, and in attendance will be Mark Parrish, the painter of Let’s All Drink to the Death of a Clown! (Our hero.) Prepare to see disoriented hipsters tromp around in their Chuck Taylors, looking to see if whales are the new polar bears—when everyone knows penguins are both the new and the old polar bears ….

[Spider-Man 3,; Cocktails and Whales, Gitana Rosa Gallery, 19 Hope Street, Williamsburg,]