Gore Sells Books, Dodges Draft

Al Gore was interviewed by Charlie Rose last night at the 92nd Street Y. I stopped by. And so did about a thousand people in the audience, who gave Gore a standing ovation when he walked on stage, as well as an organized handful of enthusiasts who are actively trying to draft him into the presidential race.

In a routine that’s becoming as predictable as the melting polar ice caps, Gore made a statement leaving the door open for a possible presidential run without acknowledging any specific plans to do so.

But notwithstanding his brief comments on the race — and despite the flier shown here, which was handed out by volunteers from AlGore.org — Gore was there primarily to talk about his book, An Assault on Reason, which is already number one on Amazon.

The audience, unlike the media, seemed happy enough to let the former vice president set his own timetable.

Of the presidential speculation, nurse Jen O’Neill of Tudor City said after the presentation that “it’s not important at all.”

“It’s very early,” she said, “and people are still star-struck by Barack and Hillary and you’re not hearing any of the substance yet.”

“I think it would be smart for him to wait it out,” she added.


Gore Sells Books, Dodges Draft