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Manhattan Buildings Sell for $940 M.

In one of the largest residential portfolio sales in city history, Urban American Management and City Investment Fund have purchased a series of buildings in Harlem and one in Roosevelt Island for $940 million, according to two sources.

White-Shoe Firm Davis Polk Re-ups, Expands at 450 Lexington

The preeminent white-shoe law firm, Davis Polk, is staying right at home. The firm has signed a massive 650,000-square-foot renewal at 450 Lexington Avenue, including a 27,000-square-foot expansion

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You’re the Top! You’re Rupert’s Triplex

If Jefferson or Jesus were well-heeled New Yorkers and could get past the classy co-op board, they would live in 834 Fifth Avenue. “For me, it’s been heavenly and peaceful,” said Ruth Stanton, who has been in her seventh-floor apartment since 1975. (John and Susan Gutfreund are next-door.)

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Bloomberg Wants to Give Ferries a $40 M. Boost

On the face of it, the ferry business should be doing well enough to thrive without the $40 million that the Mayor is proposing to spend over the next two decades. But in reality, these three ferry operators--not to mention two other smaller companies--are having a rough time of it.

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Meet the New Kids Buying the Blocks

In other words, Broadway Partners looks nothing like the Manhattan commercial real-estate world. And yet here they are, totally dominating the stage.

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To Catch a Bartender

Authorities have lately embarked on a covert bar-busting rampage across the densely liquor-licensed East Village and Lower East Side, routinely slapping big, bright restraining orders on doors and threatening operators with hefty fines and closure for up to a year.

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The Voodoo Economics of Rent-Stabilization

By how much? That's the only real question facing the Rent Guidelines Board as it makes its annual decision this spring on raising rents for the city's 1 million-plus rent-stabilized apartments.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Original Celebrity Broker

Linda Stein managed The Ramones in their heyday. Since then, she's brokered for Sting, Billy Joel (after his 'sad liquid problems'), and a bounty of super-wealthy well-knowns.

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Ambassador Buys KT McFarland’s 770 Park Spread for $17.5 M.

One-time G.O.P. Senate hopeful K.T. McFarland has sold her 13-room apartment at 770 Park to W.L. (Lee) Lyons Brown Jr., a former George W. Bush–appointed ambassador to Austria. He paid $17.5 million.

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Empire of the Imperiolis

He is a man of few words, and she is a woman of many rosettes. Together, the Imperiolis—Sopranos star Michael and interior and theatrical set designer Victoria—are building an ever-growing performing, media and real-estate empire.

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Starck on New Gramercy Condo: ‘Can We Talk Sex Instead?’

Mr. Starck was on a long-winded, tangent-littered response to the question: Is his latest building, Gramercy, really in Gramercy?

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