Move Over, Gore

To the Editor:

Re “For Gore Supporters, Nothing Is Inconvenient” [April 30]: Sorry, but Al Gore is really Al Bore! Did anyone notice that every time Mr. Gore traveled to his speaking engagements in An Inconvenient Truth, he was always seen exiting a limo or taxi? Why couldn’t he set an example to promote a cleaner environment by his individual actions? Is riding mass transit, like millions of other urban residents do every day, beneath his dignity? How about riding in an alternative-fuel vehicle? Why no criticism for fellow Senator Ted Kennedy, who opposes wind power? (Windmills would ruin his view of Martha’s Vineyard.) Too bad we can’t harness the power of Mr. Gore’s hot air after every speech.

The real reason Mr. Gore lost the election in 2000 was that a majority of Americans were so disgusted by the choice of either Bush or Al Bore that they stayed home rather than vote. In reality, “None of the Above” received the most votes and was the true winner! Al Gore’s political career ended years ago. It’s time for him to move on and let a new generation give it a try.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, N.Y.