Perkins Congratulates Clinton, Sort Of

Bill Perkins, the only Democratic state Senator I know of to have endorsed someone other than Hillary Clinton for President, sent out the following statement today she chatted with the Democratic conference:

“I congratulate Hillary Clinton on today’s endorsements, but also know that changing the politics and policies in this country will come from the ground up, not the top down. Barack Obama speaks to the hopes and dreams of every American and is running a campaign grown up from the grassroots to change the direction our country is heading in, especially when it comes to the endless war in Iraq and our healthcare crisis. He is drawing huge enthusiastic crowds determined to make a difference. I am excited about working with the thousands of Obama supporters across this state and the hundreds of thousands across the country, young and old, to help grow this movement for a new politics and a new course for our country.”

Over the weekend, when Perkins spoke at a small rally for Obama in Battery Park City, I asked him if he expected to be singled out or treated differently in Albany because he’s broken ranks with everyone here and endorsed Obama.

He said no.