Rat Central, R.I.P.

It’s curtains for Manhattan’s most infamously rat-infested landmark.

KFC-Taco Bell in Greenwich Village—the fast-food venue that so fascinated the nation after widespread video footage showed that the place also doubled as an illegal after-hours spot for crowds of rodents, igniting a Health Department crackdown on restaurants citywide—is closed for good, according to today’s Daily News.

Operator ADF Companies had previously stated that the venue would reopen upon successfully passing re-inspection. Today’s report, however, quoted an official even higher up the, um, food chain; an executive with corporate KFC and Taco Bell parent, Yum! Brands.

It’s immediately unclear what will become of the abandoned Sixth Avenue retail space, or of those bright yellow “CLOSED” placards so adored by area graffiti artists, who added their own vermin-themed illustrations and slogans such as “Try our new burrato!”

Perhaps the Health Department could frame and hang those in the agency’s lobby next to its mission statement.

Rat Central, R.I.P.