Report: Pirro Under Scrutiny Again

Onetime Republican Attorney General candidate Jeanine Pirro may have withheld evidence in a murder trial while she was the Westchester District Attorney, according to a story just posted online by the New York Sun.

A federal grand jury now wants to hear recordings Pirro made of her telephone conversations while she was the D.A. in Westchester.

According to the story, “One of the reasons this is of interest is that that Ms. Pirro’s successor now is in possession of a tape suggesting Ms. Pirro failed to disclose evidence that could have helped a man whom Ms. Pirro subsequently charged with murder. But the existence of any tapes immediately raises the question of whom Ms. Pirro was talking to over her years in office and what conversations, whether of a political or legal nature, might be recorded in the surviving tapes.”

UPDATE: The Journal News also has details on the story over here.