'Sex and the City Special' for $1,575? Not Quite

Craigslist, that decadent den of sleazy companionship and sleazier free furniture, is an endless well of great real estate information. So imagine our surprise when a posting called “$1475 SEX AND THE CITY SPECIAL… CARRIE’S APT”, turned out to not have much to do with the HBO show/Observer column.

After a promising picture of Sarah J. Parker and Willie “Stanford Blatch” Garson, and the half-English request to CALL NOW STEPHANIE, we are told that the apartment is stylish, has a deco fireplace, and is not on the sixth floor. So far so good.

Then comes this: the neighborhood is the quintessential NY neighborhood, just like you see on Sex and the City. Oh! So Carrie Bradshaw/S.J.P./Candace Bushnell didn’t live there.

Alas! On the plus side, it’s only $1,475 a month.