Shott On Location: High-Ranking Brooklyn Burger Joint Also Scores High With DOH

Bonnie's Grill, home to perhaps Park Slope's best beef burgers (yet arguably worst veggie burgers), remained shuttered on Friday--one week after becoming the latest casualty in the Health Department's reactionary rat-frenzy crusade.

The tiny hipster hangout, located along trendy Fifth Avenue, between 1st and Carroll streets, has twice failed inspections since March. (Read the reports here and here.)

That dubious distinction comes as Bonnie's was honored just this week as the No. 5 best burger in New York City by the reader-reviewers of (Only P.J. Clarke's, Paul's, Island Burgers and Shakes, and Pop Burger earned more accolades.)

A Bonnie's employee sporting a black knit cap and matching hoodie, who was smoking a cig outside the locked venue, said he was unsure exactly when the eatery might be allowed to reopen.

Like many recently inspector-shuttered enterprises, Bonnie's had added its own messages to the city's bright yellow "CLOSED" sticker stuck onto the door on May 11, suggesting the place would only be closed "for three days." Another posted message took a shot at Mayor Bloomberg.

One week later, both notes had been removed.