The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday

Mortgage applications are becoming more popular than Top Shop at Barneys, “despite the recent crisis in the subprime mortgage sector,” fueling “concerns that lenders may clamp down” on “borrowers with weak credit.” After years of walking on eggshells, lenders will finally master the art of “clamping down.” [CNN]

Times were, a restaurant’s quality could be prejudged by stuff like pictures of food in the window, empty tables at 8 p.m. and rat pellets on linoleum. But now, if an eatery’s got Edison lightbulbs (the clear ones with their guts on view), expect “upscale but self-consciously down-homey Americana” grub. [Gawker]

Several residents of Kingsbridge in the Bronx, “cheered” last night after seeing plans for a new glassy 280,000-square-foot shopping complex that will soon replace a massive city-owned parking lot on West 230th Street and Broadway. The four-story mall is “as-yet-unnamed,” but “Tickets and Duds” has a nice ring to it, no? [Real Deal]

Pollock had little use for expensive brushes and Shakespeare wrote Othello with some old feathers, but many people still think a great chef needs to spend hundreds on a skillet. Truth is, the “best chefs may use the best-looking equipment when they are in public view,” but a mere “$300 can equip one quite well.” [NYT]