The Air We Breathe: Buffy and the Mummy Guy Slay Fans at Premiere

The Jieho Lee film The Air I Breathe assigns each of its central characters one of life’s four emotional cornerstones, as dictated by an ancient Chinese proverb. Unfortunately, Happiness (Forest Whitaker) was absent from the movie’s premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday, April 29, and Love (Kevin Bacon) stormed past The Transom in an apparent huff, but Pleasure (Brendan Fraser) and Sorrow (Sarah Michelle Gellar) stopped on the red carpet and gamely discussed guiding principles in their own lives.

“I think it’s important to have courage,” said Mr. Fraser, who allowed that he was “a little warm” in his green stressed-leather jacket. “Especially as creators, as actors, as directors, you have to have courage, and it’s not easy,” continued the 38-year-old actor, currently filming The Mummy 3. “But if you have that, you can go forward in life.” Anything else? “Eat broccoli, sleep properly, read a book every now and then, take your vitamins. It’s not that complicated!”

Ms. Gellar had apparently been slacking on the vitamins; she was suffering from a bad cold. “I think, at the end of the day, you just have to follow the path that you believe in and be true to yourself,” said the erstwhile vampire-slayer, now 30 but still girlish in ultramarine silk gown and black stilettos, after a contemplative pause. A few feet away, her wholesome hubby, Freddie Prinze Jr., busied himself by awkwardly talking into a cell phone.

Special bonus life insight from thinking person’s sex object Andy Garcia, 51, whose character in The Air I Breathe was not assigned an emotion, but who was wearing a very fetching Prussian blue suit and a tightly knotted scarf that dangled just so: “Never take a step backward, not even to gain momentum,” Mr. Garcia said. “I try to use that every day.”