The Mayor in Your Bathroom: Bloomberg Submits Long-Awaited Building-Code Changes


The Mayor submitted his proposed revision to the building code to the City Council today, a project that dated back to his first election campaign (a real crowd pleaser, that one), which sounds pretty fun if the press release is any judge. It will supposedly encourage environmentally friendly building development by:

… providing fee rebates for green design, requiring more efficient heating and cooling systems, requiring white roofs, and encouraging plumbing systems that conserve water. The codes achieve a reduction in fuel burning as a result of energy savings through energy efficient ventilation design and allowing for the intermittent operation of ventilation in kitchens, bathrooms, and showers.

One thing the proposed revision doesn’t touch, The Observer was told a few weeks ago, when it ran a story on the subject, is microturbines, the room-sized generators that a few developers have put atop their buildings to create their own power, but which they cannot turn on because, well, they are not in the building code.