The Morning Read: Monday, May 7, 2007

Eliot Spitzer needs to set a better example “if there is any real hope” of passing campaign finance reform, says the New York Times editorial board.

Spitzer’s gay marriage bill is dividing the Assembly Democratic conference, says Fred Dicker.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver censured Assemblyman Michael Cole for sleeping over an intern’s house, but not the others who actually broke the law, says the New York Post editorial board.

The Ethics Committee made no public report and the full body of the Assembly took no action, notes the Daily News editorial board.

The whistle blower in the school loan scandal is a man named Jon Oberg.

The guy trying to draft Michael Bloomberg to run for president is named Joseph Oddo.

A funeral was held yesterday for an aide to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo who committed suicide.

Rudy Giuliani wants a larger military.

A controversial Rockland County rabbi joined protesters at yesterday’s Salute to Israel parade.

Lobbyist Michael Tobman doesn’t like congestion pricing.

In New York magazine, Ben Smith explains who exactly just bought the New York Times building.

In their first profile of the presidential candidates, the Economist describes Giuliani as “an affable tornado.”

Does John Edwards have new ideas about poverty?

Giuliani may feel some pressure to disclose more information about his private business dealings [subscription].

The AP has a roundup of recent presidential polling.

And unsuccessful GOP Senate candidate John Spencer is still spending his campaign’s money.

The Morning Read: Monday, May 7, 2007