Trying to Explain Giuliani on Abortion

Rudy Giuliani’s decidedly undecisive statement about his position on abortion at the Republican debate was really an expression of confidence in the American people.

At least that’s the line Giuliani’s communication adviser Mike McKeon was just pushing to NBC.

“I think what Rudy Giuliani’s saying is I have confidence in the people of America,” said McKeon. “If that’s the decision that the court puts down, we’ll be OK. We’ll survive. We’ll be awe can go forward. I think he would argue that the right should be preserved, butas it goes to the states to decide that. But the other side of it is, is does a strict constructionist judge overturn 30 years of precedent? Is it settled law, as Roberts has said? You know, we’re going towe’re going to livewe’ll be OK if that’s the ruling.”