Vibe Rater: Grom, 2165 Broadway

Dateline: Grom, Upper West Side gelato shop of epic lines and ravenous delectability.


Instead, on a balmy weekday afternoon, only a fizzle of baby carriages and older women stood on the leisurely Broadway sidewalk.

Inside, just like any other fro-yo joint: stark, sterile and artificial; the seating in the back, all plastic and uncomfortable, smacked of Jamba Juice. Large windows allowed a peek into the back hallway to watch the actual gelato-making process (!), which included some guy creepily pulling on a pair of plastic gloves and pouring cream and almonds into a churning unit that looked like a washing machine.

Exciting, right?

The serving sizes were way too expensive. The extra large Grom cup is about the size of Baskin Robbins’ double scoop ($3.99) yet more than twice the price. (But the neon-colored spoons are more fun than the usual white plastic ones!)

A young lady and her older relative got back into line for seconds to bring home, otherwise… Tasti D-Lite, anyone?

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