‘We Loved a Serial Dater’: Seven Women Talk About Him

Mr. Peri: Size (8) Matters

“It’s like this,” said Chloe. “As long as you’re neurotic and crazy, he’s great. But once he solves all your problems, he becomes the problem.”

“He gets incredibly mean,” said one woman. The other nodded.

“Once,” said Jackie, “when I said I was a size 8, Peri said, ‘There’s no way you’re a size 8. You’re a size 10, at least. I know what a size 8 looks like and, believe me, you’re no size 8.’”

“He was always telling me to lose 15 pounds,” said Sarah.

“I think when men tell women to lose weight, it’s a diversion from their own lack of size in certain areas,” one of the women added dryly.

Chloe remembered a ski trip to Sun Valley. “Peri did everything right. He bought the tickets, he booked the condo. It was going to be great.” But they started fighting in the limo to the airport—they both wanted to sit on the same side. They fought on the slopes. On the second day, Chloe began packing her bags. “He said, ‘Ha ha ha, I’m going to take a bus.’”

A month later, Chloe went back to her husband. Many of the women ended up dumping Mr. Peri, only to go back to the men they had broken up with.

But that didn’t mean that Mr. Peri went away. “There were faxes, letters and hundreds of phone calls,” said Sapphire. “It was sort of awful.”

“I kept all his letters,” Sarah said. “They were so touching. You could practically see the streaks of his tears on the pages.” She left the room and returned seconds later holding a letter. She read aloud: “‘You don’t owe me your love, but I hope you’ll have the courage to step forward and embrace mine….I don’t send you flowers because I don’t want to share or demean your love with objects not of my creation.’”

(General puzzlement.)

‘We Loved a Serial Dater’: Seven Women Talk About Him