Between the Hard Rock and a Cool Place: Bungalow 8’s Amy Sacco Slurps From Corporate Trough

On Monday June 4, nightclub impresario Amy Sacco, hosting a CFDA after-party at her flagship establishment, Bungalow 8, confirmed rumors that she would be bringing her special talents to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas as its new creative director.

“I just signed the papers last night,” the towering Ms. Sacco purred exclusively to The Transom. “Diva Las Vegas!”

Wearing a tight black cocktail dress—“I can fit into all my clothes again!” she said, thanks to a strict diet of tiny, frequent meals—the Bungalow baroness was headed to Los Angeles on a 5 a.m. flight the following morning, also for business, she said.

Of late, Ms. Sacco has taken a number of corporate advisory positions, including “lifestyle consulting” for the new downtown condominium development District. The Hard Rock position represents yet another collaboration with the Morgans Hotel Group, which recently bought the pop music-themed chain’s Vegas venue; earlier this year, she opened a branch of Bungalow at the company’s ritzy St. Martins Lane Hotel in London.

Ms. Sacco divulged that she would be bringing four new venues to the hotel, along with her intangible taste-making and schmoozing skills. “I’m joining a great team,” she said. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back and forth—I’m not leaving New York at all.” Phew!